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Taking photos and capturing special moments for people gives me a tremendous amount of joy. I especially enjoy taking photos to document every day life because that’s where you find the essence that makes us special and unique. Capturing the every day routine and emotions is what excites me. I love people, and I enjoy sharing photos that show our uniqueness but also our commonalities. My style is environmental, using natural light, illuminating families, and people in their natural surroundings.

I focus on different types of photography:

  • Interiors for realtors, having worked in the business for over 10 years I know how to capture and enhance the best features of a home.

  • Portraits for professionals for their website to promote their business.

  • Family portraits.

Photography tells a story, and I do my best to tell yours.


Cell: 617-593-1958


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Photo by Aníbal Martel

Photo by Aníbal Martel

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